I have no idea if this will change anything or help at all. But, something has to be done. TMZ should not be buying nudes off of a guy. Apparently, this guy hacks into celebrities iClouds and leaks their nudes to companies. So far - this happened to Jennifer Lawrence and Victoria Justice. Both women are getting slut shamed for their “behavior.” But, who knew their nudes would leak onto the internet. Nudes are very personal photos and it’s wrong to leak them for profit. Very disgusting. 

I want TMZ down - others to do. 

Celebrities private lives are called just that for a reason- what they dont choose to share with the world should not be illegally gained by some pervy man behind a computer for a six figure sum. Take down TMZ

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Lol obvi she goes through her tag she has a tumblr but confrats

 i’m just so so happy that she even saw my post, unlike other fans i have never really been noticed by ashley in any q and a’s or anything so this was soo amazing! also i for one never thought that ashley was active on her tumblr seeing as the posts seem to be on a schedule but now its soo cool how she sees our blogs ah!!