I just don’t understand why it’s deemed socially acceptable in today’s culture for people to wear bindis, Indian nose rings and headdresses that are of a great significant meaning to religious groups or cultures, just because they think it looks ‘cool’ and ‘fashionable’. No. It just looks disrespectful.

You are stupid. Like seriously? Get with the times! People can wear whatever they want to wear. Keep your unwanted opinions to yourself.

Get with the times? Seriously? Notice it’s only celebrities like those at coachella who are marketing this look, no fashion companies or actual trendsetters. Why? Because the professionals KNOW that certain things need to be respected and not sold because they look good (or in the case of these celebrities- because they think they’re cool and individual). Sorry if I’m not apparently ‘with the times’ but I don’t think I wanna be in with a society that disregards religion and culture so easily.